Friulmotor offers to its customer a organized structure for rally car hire and technical support composed by specialized personnel with modern and efficient equipment. Our goal is to follow every customer from the rental phase, to pre-race tests, until the end of race, to give a complete service.

Rally car hire

Friulmotor Rally Team offers to its pilots a first-class rally car choice. The complete preparation of cars is performed in our garage by qualified mechanics, to guarantee an efficient and professional rally car hire service.

Pre-race test can be customized and expanded in according to the needs of pilots, while the onboard camera car service is an additional option to add to rent car service.

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Technical service

The primary purpose of Friulmotor is to provide a coordinated and fast rally service, dedicated to those that point to the result.

With our experience we can offer a professional technical and mechanical assistance, with highly qualified technicians trained to resolve any problem.
In addition we directly provide, in according to the demand of our customers, to the supply of tires of various brands.

Paddock and facilities

Friulmotor offers to its pilots the logistical structure required on the competition field. Organization, professionalism and expertise allow us to compete effectively in national and international events.

We can provide our drivers a high level logistics sector, dedicated to all customers and staff needs. Paddock service, rally car service, motorhome and hospitality are also available for international events.

On request we organize travel and accommodations for drivers and attendants to the competition field, with booking for transportation and hotels.

Trucks & vehicles

From end-stage assistance to racers transport, Friulmotor provides to all the vehicles needed for a complete service.

Friulmotor offers up to 3 workshop trucks for the rally car and equipment transport, 2 trucks fitted out with all the necessary for the paddock, Camper Hospitality to host riders and staff, and finally 2 fast emergency vehicles.


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